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I'm the only Angelic Zydrate-addicted Transylvanian Consulting Detective of MJN Air who's going on an adventure.
That means I'm in the following fandoms: Supernatural, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show, BBC Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, and The Hobbit/LotR

Hi I'm Damien, I'm trans (ftm flavour) and mostly gay. I fancy myself a bit of a social justice blogger when bothered.

I'm also a tremendous Richard Speight Jr. fanboy. x

My tags to blacklist are: Personal (for posts about me), ask me about my weiner (for asks), and spn8 (for posts about season 8 of supernatural.)


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I’m thinking about starting a new blog about my blindness and experiences because this was a fandom blog

Looking at apartments in Winchester, MA when all of a sudden my voiceover says Lawrence and scares the shit out of me. Nope.

Learning to read Braille is like learning to write Japanese with a pencil shoved up your ass @.

Casually making my girlfriend feel guilty for sending me a picture.

The fact that the iTunes preview for Like the Heart Goes starts right before where my blog title is tho.

If you want to reach me, my kik is cockweasel and my skype is cthulu.hoop so
What if Sam Winchester dies and Dean can’t bring him back so he goes and lives a happy apple pie life and meets a beautiful woman and has a son who he calls Sam?

If you have my number I would like texts.

So my screen reader doesn’t read my asks…

So, as of April, I am legally blind, which led to two major eye surgeries and a bloody tube in my brain. (This is Damien’s best friend typing for him.) I’m planning on trying to get blind-friendly technology as to return but it may be a while longer. Thank you for continuing to follow me despite the long hiatus and I hope to deliver more quality bullshit as soon as humanly possible.
I regret not being able to liveblog SPN9 and have popular posts about Sam only letting Dean inside of him.

Hey guys. I’m on an indefinite hiatus until I get my eyes sorted out. I love you all and hope you’re all happu I’m literally typing by memory so if there’s typos font be surprised. healthy while I’m gone

I can’t see to watch Supernatural and I’m highly frustrated because of it


They’re going to haze Misha… (x)